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About us

As a group of (online) friends, we wanted to be able to play a few easy games together and decided to make yet another website full of board games which could be played by anyone. However if you want to enjoy as we do the full potential of the games, please join our Discord Chat, and play in realtime against any of the other online players!

Do not forget to support the development of this project and future one via our patreon page!

For the tech geeks (as we are too), the backend and the chat bot which integrates the games into Discord are done in .NET 5.0, the web front end uses Razor Pages, Signal R, Canvas, SVG or plain HTML & JS depending on the game you play.

Most of the game logic is running on the backend, both for our security, but also to allow multi-player games. The frontend part of the games contain mostly just the rendering and interaction part of the game.